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Why we can thank our farmers for the food security of this great nation

Here at Grainline, we’re well aware that our Australian farmers are the lifeblood of this nation and the current crisis and recent panic buying has highlighted to the broader community just how important our farmers are.

COVID-19 has made our nation stop and think about food security. We as a nation have grown in appreciation for our farming communities and the importance of supporting Australian businesses and Australian made products. 

Our agricultural industries have been busy at this time, ensuring the protection of our food and fibre protection. They’ve faced many challenges and shown resilience in drought, flood and bushfires. They are a community all Australians can be proud of.

While many businesses have had the luxury of sending staff to work from home, that option has not been available to the many Australians working on the land. They truly are essential workers.

At this time where restrictions are being eased state-by-state, we hope the lessons learned from this time and the appreciation we have for Aussie farmers remains. We hope that people remember the importance of supporting local businesses.

As we transition out of this pandemic, we encourage all Australians to consider the importance of supporting our local industries particularly our farmers. Australian made produce is great quality, being subject to very strict safety and quality standards. By supporting the industry as Australians, we are supporting local employment and the economy.

We’re thankful for the growing awareness of what our farmers do for our nation and we’re optimistic this awareness will continue to grow in the years ahead.

We stand with Australian farmers!