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Grainline - Augers, Grain Handling Equipment & On-Farm Weighbridges

Grainline specialises in the manufacture of grain augers and grain handling equipment. Grainline products are manufactured to meet the demands and requests of the Australian farmer. With high quality products and competitive prices, Grainline products equal exceptional value for money.

Grainline produces a variety of grain augers to suit a range of farming needs including; pencil augers, mini-mobile augers, transportable augers (with self-propelled options available), drill-fill augers, specialised/custom augers as well as poly products and remote controlled grain doors.

Grainline’s unique personal delivery service means your transportable auger can be delivered fully assembled and ready for work. Grainline products are designed to save you money, time and your health by taking the strain out of moving your grain.

Grainline now have available on-farm weighbridges, bringing you a solution for your farm management and on-farm weighing needs. Once again, Grainline will provide your weighbridge with confidence, making your farming operation smooth and hassle-free with our fully backed customer service guarantee.


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