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The newest auger in our range is the Grainline Bunker Augers, ideal for filling grain storage bunkers. Designed to maximise efficiency while remaining cost effective, the development of the Bunker Auger fills the gap that has existed between swing away augers and large, expensive belt conveyors.

The auger offers a practical solution within range of small to medium size grain traders and large broad acre farmers storing their own grain.

Great machine and great customer service.

Ryan Sutcliffe

Hehir's Grain Storage Pty Ltd

Features of Grainline Bunker Augers

  • This auger incorporates a drive over hopper and is directly driven using the power take off from a tractor
  • The hydraulic remotes on the tractor are used to raise and lower the wheels and operate the folding of the hopper ramps. This makes operation and repositioning of the auger quick and easy, while allowing the whole unit to move parallel down the side of the bunker
  • The 3.5m wide drive over hopper allows trucks to drive over with ease, eliminating any backing up requirements and resulting in a safer and faster delivery
  • This system provides an effective, safe and efficient solution for filling grain bunkers up to 35 metres wide
  • The simple drive system eliminates the need to maintain and finance the expensive diesel engines and hydraulic power packs used by the larger conveyors
  • The high capacity of the Grainline Bunker Auger and the ability to reposition quickly, allows the operator to have a constant flow of trucks over the hopper, reducing downtime and maximising efficiency
  • Covered by a 12 month warranty

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two year warranty on all augers
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Grainline Transportable Augers are backed by a 2 year peace of mind warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.